Bobby Headshot

Dr. Bobby Hobgood - Director
Charlotte, N.C. 
Visual CV 

Languages spoken / studied: English, French, and Spanish
Favorite foreign word/expression:  Namaste.  The idea of recognizing the spiritual being inside of each of us is expressed through this Hindu greeting. 
Favorite technology:  iPhone. While I was the last of my peer group to purchase a cell phone, I now love the ability to access information as I need it. 

Ryan headshot

Ryan McCallum - Language Resource Center Coordinator
Lumberton, N.C.
Major: B.S. Information Technology

Languages spoken / studied: English
Favorite foreign word/expression:  Konnichiwa! It’s a great way to greet someone. 
Favorite technology:  Computers. I love fixing PC issues and reading up on new technologies

Language Resource Center Ambassadors:  Work Study Students

The Language Resource Center Ambassadors are responsible for the daily operation of the Center.  They provide support to all Center Guests and can assist with materials checkout and supporting the Coordinator and Director on special projects.  You can learn more about each from the directory below.  

Jasmine headshot
High Point, N.C.
Major: Nursing

Languages spoken / studied: English
Favorite foreign word/expression: Sprechen Sie Deutsch? This means "Do you speak German?" It's my favorite foreign expression because my father taught it to me when I was younger.
Favorite technology:  My iPhone 5C because it's something that I have to have and is a necessity to my everyday life.

Joshua headshot
Wilmington, N.C.
Major: Music Education

Languages spoken / studied: English
Favorite foreign word/expression: Carpe Diem - ""seize the day." This means to live every day to the fullest.
Favorite technology:  Gaming PC. It's much more cost efficient for long-term gaming than console gaming.

Miranda headshot
Asheville, N.C.
Major: English

Languages spoken / studied: English.  Studying German
Favorite foreign word/expression: C'est la vie  is something I picked up probably from my mom, since she took French in High School. It kind of let's me agree that yeah, things aren't that great, but they are what they are. I think it's important to make the best of every situation and not dwell too much on the negative
Favorite technology: The Hubble Telescope

Moiz headshot
High Point, N.C.
Major: Computer Science

Languages spoken / studied: English, Urdu, and a little Spanish
Favorite foreign word/expression: Gorlami 
Favorite technology:  Play Station 4 (PS4)