Information for Students

What can you do at the Language Resource Center?

The language Resource Center is available to all UNC Charlotte students but in particular to students from the Department of Languages and Culture Studies and the English Language Training Institute.

The Center is designed with several spaces to accommodate a variety of needs including:

  • viewing foreign films and online videos for course requirements,
  • listening to audio materials,
  • developing language skills with language learning computer software, and
  • clarifying understanding with free, walk-in tutoring for Spanish Hybrid Students and drop-in or appointment tutoring via Connect for other languages 

Periodically, the online placement exam is administered in the Language Resource Center. The Department of Languages and Culture Studies is responsible for administering and managing the online language placement exam. More information, including exam dates is available here.

Online Resources

Over the coming months, we will build a small, but high-quality collection of web-based resources to support language learning across the languages offered at UNC Charlotte.  Check out this first addition to support the study of Spanish.

Spanish Self-access Resources - This downloadable document contains annotated resources that have been organized according to level (Beginner, Intermediate, Intermediate-high, Advanced) and according to the skill(s) reinforced by the resource (listening, speaking, reading, or writing)