Language Resource Center Update Tools

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The transformation continues! The Language Resource Center is undergoing transformation to create a more inviting, functional, and vibrant facility for students and faculty in the Department of Languages and Culture Studies as well as for all faculty and students at UNC Charlotte. The transformation includes not only changes to the physical space and implementation of new computers, but also the genesis of an LRC Twitter feed and an Events Calendar.

The Twitter feed, located in the right column of the homepage, includes information regarding items of linguistic and cultural significance for anyone interested in world languages and cultures.

The Events Calendar offers a quick glance into upcoming events related to the Langauge Resource Center and the Department of Languages and Culture Studies.  You can see a feed of upcoming events just underneath the Twitter feed of the homepage.  The entire calendar can be accessed directly from the navigation menu of the site, located in the left column of each page.