Complete Transformation of Language Resource Center Underway

Image of construction of the Main Classroom of the Language Resource Center
Monday, July 16, 2018

Renovation and transformation are two commonly used words in the Department of Languages and Culture Studies.  During the summer of 2017, the Department has experienced significant renovation of physical space, with the addition of the Confucius Institute which opened in Fall 2017, along with the addition of a new classroom and a new conference room.  This summer, transformation is underway in the Language Resource Center to create a larger, more flexible space to serve the needs of 21st century language teaching and learning. 

The new Center design was decided upon by input from faculty, students, and staff.  Plans to renovate the space have been underway since the Fall of 2014 when Director Dr. Bobby Hobgood arrived.  With Departmental input, this vision is coming to life.  The Center will also include a significant technology upgrade to capitalize on newer wireless technologies and furniture designed to promote collaboration among students and faculty  The image here was taken just after the July 4th holiday and shows a larger Main Classroom space.   This space will feature six flat panel monitors around the room, an adjustable presenter podium, and a state-of-the art power distribution system to provide power for laptops around the Main Classroom with minimal impact on mobility.  

More updates will follow as progress is made toward the Grand Opening in mid August.   Work groups including construction, electrical, AISLE, Office Environments, and Amanda Caudle, the Architectural Interior Designer from Design Services have been working in tandem this summer to ensure the project meets its completion date.  Five faculty will teach courses in the Language Resource Center this Fall as a part of a research study conducted by Dr. Hobgood to better understand the impact of active learning space on second language instruction and learning.